Tuesday Treasure

“I don’t trust words. I trust pictures.” – Gilles Peress Beautiful Day. @Glen Island

Gazebo’s in snow.

Larchmont Manor Park is famous for it’s beautiful gazebo’s, stone paths and benches along the water. The rain turned into snow in the early hours and the snow was fresh with hardly any tracks. The park was pretty much deserted except for a few dog walkers. Everything covered in velvety white and beautiful. The water…

New York Moments – Brooklyn Bridge

Another beloved landmark and cultural icon in NYC is the Brooklyn Bridge.  It spans the East River and connects Brooklyn and Manhattan. The world’s first steel suspension bride, the masterminds behind it calls it “The greatest engineering work of the ages …..” and I totally agree. I tried to take this 1.3 mile walk across…

The Trail

Go on adventures to find out where you truly belong. – Sue Fitzmaurice    

Secret Garden

Untermyer is a beautiful almost secret historic 45 acre garden offering peace and tranquility in the City of Yonkers NY. It is nestled on the Banks of the Hudson River and hidden behind a giant wall. It is a dream for historians, photographers and garden lovers. Untermyer is open to the public and it is…

Glen Island Sunset

The warm colors of a setting sun is guaranteed to enchant us. Like love, it leaves one breathless with appreciation for mother nature as we savor every last bit of it’s beauty. I’m glad I took this sunset home with me the other day. I have since added it to my collection.  

Little House The Water

Many times in the past when visiting Glen Island I have come to stare at this little house in the water. I always wonder if it is a part of the park or does someone actually live there. I imagine if someone is living in it, what must it feel like to live on the…

Old Castles

There is an interesting story linked to these old castles found on Glen Island Harbor Park in New Rochelle. These structures were actually a theme park in 1881 and called Starin’s Glen Island but closed after a fire killed a thousand people and the death of the owner followed shortly. Today this is all that…

New York Moments-Empire State Building.

The Empire State Building-The heart of New York City. I took these a few years ago from the observation deck at the top of the Empire State Building (102nd floor).