Stock Photography

Selling your work as a stock photographer might give you a nice supplemental income but it certainly won’t make you rich. The competition is steep and the key is not to get discouraged. I have been selling my photography on several stock platforms such as Shutter-Stock, Getty Images and Adobe Stock because one of my many photography goals for 2019 was to take more stock photos and so far I am sticking to it and feeling great pride because of the high standard set by their reputation of only accepting quality work.   Don’t get me wrong, there are still a lot of images stuck in my camera but I am getting there quickly!


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  1. ivor20 says:

    Hi Lisa, thank you for following my blog /website, muchly appreciated, I hope you enjoy reading my humble writings, and I’m from Geelong, Australia. Cheers. Ivor. I’m not much of a photography, but I like to attach a picture/s I’ve taken as feature images for my poems ☺️🖼️

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  2. Sounds really good. Best regards. 💕

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  3. Tony Burgess says:

    Good stock photography is needed.

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  4. Blueberries topped with unpasteurized honey is one of my favourite low-calorie desserts.

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    1. L Young says:

      Yes that does sound delicious!

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  5. Equipping says:

    Thanks for your like of my post, ” Israel 7 – Exodus 5-12 ;” you are very kind.

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  6. gsnprog says:

    I wish you can keep up with it!

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